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Acquisition of personal IP addressing.

This procedure allows the companies and Internet service providers to obtain their own IP addressing.
On behalf of the company and without any intermediary, the company will be in charge of paying directly to RIPE. No additional cost will be charged for intermediation.

Why is personal IP addressing necessary?

Due to current scarcity of IPv4 addressing, we can state that now is the best time to acquire addressing at a fixed price. As a strategy for your business, by acquiring IP addressing now, we will avoid the extra costs of IP addressing to be paid in the future and thus will prevent any loss of competitiveness for your company to take place.
By now, there was no additional cost for IP addressing. Currently, there is a cost for it. Nothing is known about the IP address transfer cost in the future. Furthermore, within the same procedure, and without any further increase in cost, the company and/or ISP’s will obtain IPv6 addressing.

To whom is it addressed?

This service is aimed at companies and Internet service providers, whether radio-frequency(WiFi, WIMAX, 3G/4G LTE), cable (ADSL, DOCSIS) and/or fiber optic network providers (FTTH, FTTx). The service can also be requested by companies publishing contents on the “Cloud”. In the field of corporate area, the service can be requested by all companies that consider Internet to be vital for their daily operation or business.

Why will your own IP address save you money?

An additional asset of having your own IP addressing is the cost saving. When your company changes its internet provider, it also has to change the addressing of its services and/or clients. You could end up with this additional cost hidden behind long working hours of your staff to carry out service migration. You could simultaneously implement IPv6.
Thus, if in the future you want to change your Internet provider, you would not have to worry about this troublesome issue. Within such a dynamic economy as the current one, having the possibility to change providers easily is a competitive advantage that can easily adjust your costs.

Do you currently have IP addressing and want more?

If your enterprise already has IP addressing and wants to get more, do not hesitate to ask us and we will study and examine your case, as each case is different.
There are still chances for RIPE to assign you more IP addressing without the need to buy it.

Would you like to get more information on the RIPE NCC transfer processes?

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